WHY BUY A TACX BUSHIDO..? About two months ago I did a Conconitest on a Bushido. Three things I found immediately very positive. 1) a realistic riding experience based on a pre-set program, in my case the Conconi test (increasing resistance, required effort, choosing gears and all that on your own racing bike). and 2) no link required to a PC/laptop. Such a connection I think is, sooner or later, a guarantee for frustrations because of failing software updates, asynchronous movies etc etc (from my own experience). and 3) the Bushido brake unit and handlebar mounted computer looked in every way robust and felt immediately at the first use also robust. Also a very clear display and no powersupply required. The Bushido generates its own electricity. Great! It was clear that programming personal training sessions was possible. Slope% / distance, Slope% / time, Watt / distance, Watt / time, Heart rate / distance and Heart rate / time. References on the web were generally positive. But it was also clear that careful setup and brake calibration are important. The big difference with a spinning bike is that a training program close to reality is possible. TWO MONTHS AFTER PURCHASE... Now after more than two months of training on the Bushido, I'm still positive. The Bushido really meets my expectations. The only modification I found necessary was improvement of the SkyLiner front wheel support. I think the stability of the SkyLiner is poor. Generally I think other front wheel supports, eg. from Cyclops, also look poor. For the modifications I made, see the pictures below. The Tacx SkyLiner is in use for many models indoor trainer, so this is not a specific Bushido matter. SOME MORE TIPS SETUP * Setup 'out of the box' is without problems. Manuals and instructions are clear. * For 'standard racing wheels' (700x23c) use 'mounting position 2' * Without PC/Laptop link just follow the manual. Important is to enter in handlebar computer display your weight plus at least 9 kg extra (bike, clothes, drink bottles). All other required data are self-explanatory. When yo have a PC/Laptop link (see the Tacx forums) an adjustment due to something like the Tacx Pc-software PowerMode is probably important. Much discussion in the forums whether yes or not including the weight of the bike and faking other data to get an acceptable mix of Bushido and Pc/Laptop software environments. * Calibration of the so-called brake via the Settings menu is important. According to the Tacx website that value should be between 10 and 15 for the Bushido after about 10 minutes warming up. I check this on a regular basis, I feel happy with a value of about 14. See www.tacxservice.com/nl/2-wat- remkalibratie-and-what-should-be-the-value * Use the Tacx trainer tire and regularly clean the roller of the brake unit. A new blue trainer tire of course requires some some extra cleaning in the beginning. * Software versions on my Bushido. November 2012 delivered to me: Handlebar Computer software: 0.5.004 Brake Software Version: 0.3.008 Because the Bushido is on the market now some years already, I assume the 'starting misery' of software updates is over now. I hope I never have to update the Bushido software. It's working fine for me as it is. OWN PROGRAMS AND THE STANDARD TACX PROGRAMS See Tacx.Bushido Programmas.xls WATT, KJOULES AND KCALORIE CONVERSION As I'm not interested in a Bushido link with a Pc/Laptop, I simply write down per training, data like the total of kJoules and average cadence (RPM). Tacx calculates with an average yield of 25% of the human body. See example: tacx2009.ilink2.nl/dotAsset/125945.pdf , how conversion to kCal can be done. That Tacx 25% is a choice. I also read about a Gross Motor Efficientcy of eg. 22% For my conversion to average power output in Watts and to calculate kCal (Polar devices mostly kCal) see Tacx.Bushido Programmas.xls, first sheet. As I use my normal bike computer, a Polar CS400, in combination with the Bushido for registration of heart rate (average and peak) I get a nice and complete overview of trainings. I use a Polar T31 coded heart rate transmitter belt. Works okay, the more expensive Polar WearLink chest strap does not work! HOWTO IMPROVE STABILITY OF THE SKYLINER FRONT WHEEL SUPPORT. See pictures at the right. * Tube length: 72 cm * Diameter: 4cm For sale in stores as "table leg", price is a few euros only. The buckle in the leg also much improves the rigidity. It's a good and simple solution and improves cycling in a standing position on the Bushido. When you mount it, inflate the front tire, 7½-8 bar, with the front wheel standing in the SkyLiner support and push the tube against the handlebar. Connect the tube to the wall and finally tape some rubber or other damping material on the bar, in order to realize a slight suspension. My impression so far is that the so called 'Left and right balance' displayed by the horizontal bar in the bottom part of the handlebar computer screen, also improves when improving the stability of the SkyLiner. BUSHIDO WISHLIST
  • 'View Last Score' as was possible apparently in the 2008 version. See picture at the right. Now you have to write down results down or you need to buy the Pc/Laptop link and Tacx software. The Bushido is quite costly and the selling point of everywhere use (even when no electricity or laptop is available) suddenly is forgotten.
  • Improve the SkyLiner front wheel support. My solution only works when a supporting wall is available!
  • Switching off the handlebar computer by pressing 3 seconds the OK button. According to my manual (2012) this option should work. But does not. LINKS Bushido In Depth Review, incl. Pc/Laptop link, software, Real Live Video training
  • dcrainmaker.com/2011/12/tacx-bushido-trainer-in-depth-review Tacx traininginfo, oa. Conconi- and Astrandtest, etc. etc. on the vast Tacx website
  • www.tacx.com/nl/experience/tacx-coach Bushido Brake calibration
  • www.tacxservice.com/en/2-what-brake-calibration-and-what-value-should-be Manuals
  • www.tacx.com/en/service/manuals/ergotrainers Bushido kJoules, kCal conversion calculation (dutch)
  • tacx2009.ilink2.nl/dotAsset/125945.pdf Answers to many questions on
  • forum.tacx.com BUSHIDO Problems
  • After two years use, mainly in winter, the battey contact point inside the handlebar computer, appeared to be eroded so heavily that the handle-bar computer was out of order. Tacx telephone support, well aware of the problem, advised a new handlebar computer! I solved the problem sofar by polishing and soldering the contact points internally. Quite disappointing for a device only two years in use. So keep the handle bar computer clean and dry, and remove the batteries when not in use. The stored Bushido routes are saved, time/date/year not. Enjoy Bert van Sas bert@derderonde.nl feb. 2013, updated nov.2015 ...and for the summertime Long bikeroutes in Zeeland

Part T1980.12. Electro unit Bushido brake

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